Why should I have my CCSVI treatment with Angeles Health?

CCSVI treatment with Angeles HealthChoosing the right location to have a potentially life changing procedure is tough. With the surge in CCSVI research and people having CCSVI treatment to successfully alleviate the symptoms of MS and its progression, there are new clinics being opened worldwide. At the same time many clinics across the US have closed, leaving many people confused about where to go for treatment. So let us give you a little help. Here’s why you should come to the Angeles Health Institute for your CCSVI treatment:

  • We offer world class care from medical professionals, some of whom are employed to lecture to Doctors in the States on the implications of CCSVI and liberation procedures.
  • Unlike most CCSVI clinics we are not a clinic, we are a hospital. This means that, instead of staying in a hotel after your procedure you will stay in the hospital and be given first class care for up to five days and blood thinners after your procedure.
  • We have years of experience. We have been performing the liberation method here at AHI since 2010. No amount of training can replace the wealth of experience possessed by our team.
  • We employ experienced, fully trained staff, each of whom specializes in their own area of expertise. This means that we are able to employ a US-based team of case workers to provide you with support and information both before your procedure and after. Even when you return to the states you will still be our patient and your case worker will be there to support you with any concerns or queries that you may have relating to your CCSVI treatment.
  • We also have a proven track record. We have successfully treated nearly 350 patients (that’s around 6 a week), some of whom noticed the benefits of their treatment within hours of their procedure. Take a look at our patient testimonies to see how the Liberation method can change lives for MS sufferers.

If you would like to speak to one of our case managers about whether CCSVI would be appropriate for you please contact us using the green form on the side of this page.

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2 Responses to Why should I have my CCSVI treatment with Angeles Health?

  1. Karen Lynch says:

    What does it do for MS pts. Going on 12 years now. Can’t walk long distances. I have no cane scooter. Just tough lady of 54 years.

    • CCSVI Mexico says:

      Dear Karen Lynch,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      All information in regards to CCSVI treatments can be provided by an official case manager by filling out an inquiry form on:


      Alternatively you can call our team on:


      Your response will then be forwarded on to the appropriate case manager who will then provide you with the information you are seeking.

      Warm regards,


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