What is Balloon Angioplasty?

Interior of Angeles Hospital

Interior of Angeles Hospital, Mexico

Balloon Angioplasty is the primary method used during CCSVI treatment. Although the liberation treatment for MS symptoms is a relatively new theory, the method is well established. Angioplasty has been practiced in North America for over 30 years.

The method was originally used to treat coronary artery disease. This is an illness in which blockages occur in the arteries. It can be caused by things such as high cholesterol levels, hypertension, smoking, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diets high in saturated fats, and a sedentary lifestyle.

In CCSVI treatment balloon angioplasty is used to open up veins rather than arteries. This is why it is sometimes referred to as venoplasty. The CCSVI condition, which has proven links with multiple sclerosis, is characterized by narrowing of the veins, or stenosis. Blood is not drained from the central nervous system properly so there is too much de-oxygenated blood in the brain. This is thought to cause many MS symptoms.

Dr looking at brain scans

Paulo Zamboni highlighted link between MS and CCSVI

Balloon angioplasty simply treats CCSVI by opening up the veins that have become narrowed. A long thin wire called a balloon catheter is used to insert a small collapsed balloon into the section of the vein that has stenosed. It will only be there temporarily. The balloon is inflated and the vein opens up. This results in much improved blood flow.

The Angeles medical team, Dr. Morales and Dr. Luna, follow the Liberation protocol in combination with drawing on their experience with vascular procedures to treat MS patients diagnosed with CCSVI.

If you or someone you know is suffering from MS then get in touch with the Angeles Heath International team using the form on your right to discuss the liberation treatment.

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