Vitamin D Could Help Fight MS

Vit D and MSThe link between vitamin D and the onset of MS has been the subject of extensive research over the years. A review of all of these studies has shown that getting high levels of vitamin D, either through supplements or from sunlight, can prevent the onset of MS and even slow down the progression of the disease.

Vitamin D is important for calcium metabolism, bone health and building the immune system; a lack of vitamin D can result in rickets in children, osteoporosis. It is also important for nerve development and health. The process of making vitamin D begins with a chemical reaction between sunlight and our skin, and ends in a series of chemical processes within our liver and kidney cells. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight but it can also be found in some foods, such as oily fish. Once the hormone has been made it helps to regulate cell production, growth and death and helps to keep the right balance in our blood and bones.

Vitamin D and MS
Whilst it is generally accepted that there is a link between lower levels of Vitamin D and MS, it is uncertain whether the damage caused by MS depletes the levels of the vitamin present in the patient’s blood or if lower levels of the vitamin result in more damage from the disease.

One study looked at 2362 MRIs taken from 469 cohorts and found that for every 10ng of the vitamin in the patient’s blood there was a 15% decrease in risk of developing a new T2 lesion and a 31% decrease in the chances of developing a gadolinium-enhancing lesion, hence lower risk of greater disability as the result of new lesions. Higher levels of vitamin D also showed slightly reduced incidence of relapse, although it was not significantly reduced.

Whilst the research into the link between Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D continues, and doctors are working out the optimal dosage for best results, if you have been diagnosed with MS, it is worth speaking to your doctor to find out the best dose for you.

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