Undiagnosed for over 20 Years: Multiple Sclerosis

Paul and his wife

Paul and his wife

53 year-old Paul Weichel from Canada had experienced MS symptoms since the age of 18 but was not properly diagnosed until he was 40. His arm and legs went numb and he and his wife Christina could no longer engage in their usual active lifestyles. They looked up CCSVI together and when Paul’s friend came back from Mexico after having CCSVI treatment they were both impressed with the excellent results. Most of the friend’s MS symptoms had disappeared so Paul decided he would also have CCSVI treatment. He and his wife talk about their experiences of Angeles Health in Tijuana as well as Paul’s positive results in this video:

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Angeles hospital | CCSVI Mexico

Angeles hospital in Mexico

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  1. Maia Marie Calloway says:

    Please if you can let me know how to get into your clinic and what costs are involved and if you have patient assistance.

    Maia Marie

    • CCSVI Mexico says:

      Dear Maia Marie Calloway,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      All information in regards to CCSVI treatments can be provided by an official case manager by filling out an inquiry form on:


      Alternatively you can call our team on:


      Your response will then be forwarded on to the appropriate case manager who will then provide you with the information you are seeking.

      Warm regards,


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