Tribunal Says Ontario Health Insurance Plan Shouldn’t Pay for Ottawa-area Woman’s CCSVI Treatment Part 2

This article continues on from Tribunal Says Ontario Health Insurance Plan Shouldn’t Pay for Ottawa-area Woman’s CCSVI Treatment Part 1.

Since Zamboni published his research in 2009 suggesting a link between MS and CCSVI over 12,000 international patients have had CCSVI treatment, including hundreds of Canadians.

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But in Canada Zamboni’s treatment has encountered strong opposition from a medical establishment that is unconvinced of its benefits.

In 2011 the federal government announced it would fund clinical trials when a panel of experts agreed there was enough evidence to justify them. And in early 2012 the government of Saskatchewan began funding 88 patients from the province to take part in clinical trials that are now taking place in Albany, N.Y. Results have yet to be reported.

At her February hearing Judy claimed that there is already enough evidence of CCSVI treatment relieving symptoms for many people with MS.

“I don’t know why on earth they’re not listening to Dr. Zamboni,” said Judy on Monday. “He’s a 30-year vascular surgeon. They don’t seem to get it that 13 (MS patients) are passing every month in Canada.”

Judy is considering an appeal of the board’s decision to Ontario’s Divisional Court. She has also filed a human rights complaint about OHIP’s refusal to pay for her CCSVI treatment and will also file a complaint with Ontario Ombudsman André Marin, she says.

Due to Canada’s slow progress with CCSVI trials many Canadians with MS are coming to Angeles Health in Mexico to have CCSVI treatment. Here we have a Stanford trained interventional cardiologist who works alongside a neurologist on every CCSVI procedure, we keep patients for 5 nights after treatment on an in-patient basis to ensure they can tolerate their post-procedure medication and patients can relax in the knowledge that they are being treated at a major, large-scale hospital with all of the specialists and services that entails.

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