Trials Necessary: CCSVI Treatment Evaluated

‘But more trials are necessary’. Anyone interested in CCSVI, or chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, and its link with multiple sclerosis will have heard many organizations, medical professionals and scientists utter these words. The Society for Interventional Radiology (SIR) has also come to this conclusion.

The Society for Interventional Radiology (SIR)

The society did however have some positive news for people who are contemplating CCSVI treatment. It was noted that the use of angioplasty to widen azygos and jugular veins to aid blood flow from the brain could prevent MS in people with CCSVI. Yet a multicenter trial is vital in understanding CCSVI and its treatment.

“Much work needs to be done to better define, explore and prove the concept of vein obstruction playing a role in causing multiple sclerosis,” said Gary P. Siskin, MD, a member of the SIR research consensus panel.

Siskin, who is an interventional radiologist and chair of the radiology department at Albany Medical Center in N.Y., believes blocked veins may cause MS symptoms but that the practice of widening them with angioplasty needs to be studied.

“This is an entirely new approach to the treatment of patients with neurologic conditions, such as MS, and could be transformative for patients,” he said. “Continued investigation is needed in this area. Researchers are clearly very early in this understanding of both the condition and the treatment.”

Hopefully Dr. Paolo Zamboni’s new study, which is to commence in July 2011, will shed more light on CCSVI treatment and provide some positive results and answers for MS patients waiting for more research. There is already a large body of evidence supporting CCSVI treatment to reduce MS symptoms yet due to the relative newness of this innovative procedure research continues.

Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico

Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico

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