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Montel Williams doing well after CCSVI Treatment

Montel Williams has been documenting his MS and CCSVI progress through the Dr. Oz show as well as blogging about it. The former chat show host and MS activist has now had his CCSVI treatment in the US, although he … Continue reading

CCSVI Treatment: Instant Results

Darrel Watchorn reported instant results after his CCSVI treatment. Diagnosed with MS in 1981 the Grande Prairie resident said the 30 year fog that had filled his brain disappeared straight away as he underwent surgery. Watchorn travelled to California to … Continue reading

Super Fundraising for CCSVI Treatment

In Bowmanville, Ontario the local community is engaging in a massive fundraising effort to fund a resident’s multiple sclerosis treatment abroad. “It’s very exciting. I’ve never had surgery before. I’m not scared, I’m more excited for it and anxious,” said … Continue reading