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Multiple Sclerosis Discussion on Twitter

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Who is tweeting and discussing multiple sclerosis on twitter? Check out our infographic on multiple sclerosis news on twitter below:

Raising Money for MS Research

Many people with MS, as well as their friends and families, choose to spend a lot of time fundraising for research into the condition or for the cost of treatments such as CCSVI or stem cell therapy. The focus is … Continue reading

Sharing CCSVI Stories

Tim Donovan continues a Canadian speaking tour to share his story of receiving CCSVI treatment to reduce multiple sclerosis symptoms. “I got so much better and I started telling people,” said Donovan. “People just kept asking questions so I started … Continue reading

CCSVI advocate Amy Preston wins award

Amy Preston, who founded CCSVI Brockville, has won the “Bold” award at the Strong, Smart and Bold Woman of the Year award by Girls Incorporated of Upper Canada. CCSVI Brockville is described on its facebook page as being ‘for patients … Continue reading