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Working with MS

Watch this video animation for a good example of how small adjustments made by an employer can a huge difference to an employee who has multiple sclerosis.

MS at Work

This animated video is a good example of how small changes in the workplace can make all the difference to someone with MS. Angeles hospital in Mexico is an upscale facility in Mexico that provides high quality CCSVI treatment for … Continue reading

MS and Tiredness

This video looks at the MS symptom of tiredness. Many MS patients experience tiredness, lethargy and lack of energy as some of the most difficult symptoms of the disease. Here we see how small changes in the workplace can make … Continue reading

Working with MS

Leiza Richmond from Australia describes being diagnosed with MS at the age of 25 and how she has navigated the world of work successfully since then. Leiza is a legal support officer and is determined and optimistic about her life … Continue reading