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Our CCSVI Medical Travel Package: Part 2

Even walking makes a difference

For a Balloon Angioplasty (with one balloon) the total CCSVI package price is US $ 9,500. The way the package is arranged, the only additional expenses are airfare for yourself and your companion, as well as hotel accommodation following discharge … Continue reading

A Little About Angeles Hospitals: Video

Watch this video to learn a little about our offerings. Angeles Health is Mexico‚Äôs largest private hospital network and boasts 23 facilities across Mexico. CCSVI treatment is carried out at our hospital in Tijuana by a Stanford trained interventional cardiologist … Continue reading

Another step forward, Information from Italy

The International Society of Neurvascular Disease met last week in Bologna, Italy to discuss among other things Dr. Zamboni’s CCSVI. “The International Society for NeuroVascular Disease is a non-profit professional association devoted to furthering the development of research for neurovascular … Continue reading

CCSVI: A Political Hot Cake

CCSVI and MS continue to make headlines across Canada. In fact, the fight for Liberation by MS patients is one of the largest healthcare battles that has hit the Canadian media in years and is a rare challenge for Canadians … Continue reading