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Terry Wahls on MS and Exercise: Video

Dr. Terry Wahls is a doctor and author who also suffers from multiple sclerosis. In the video below she talks about exercise and how important it is to our body on a cell level. She wrote the book ‘Minding My … Continue reading

Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis

Angeles Health International

In the video below Dr. Terry Wahls talks about exercise and how important it is on a cell level. She is the author of ‘Minding My Mitochondria’, a book in which she details her amazing recovery from MS, from being … Continue reading

Minding My Mitochondria Video

Dr Terry Wahls was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in 2000 and was confined to a wheelchair three years later. The clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Iowa was already in the secondary progressive stage of MS. This … Continue reading