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CCSVI in MS Society Sued by Italian MS Society!

Italian CCSVI in MS campaign

In Milan, Italy, the CCSVI in MS Society and the advertising group Lowe Pirella Fronzoni have been sued by the Italian MS Society for their advertising campaign on the Brave Dreams study. It seems as though the MS Society took … Continue reading

Strolling and Rolling for CCSVI

On Sunday April 15th 2012 participants took part in the CCSVI Foundation’s annual Stroll & Roll at Barrie’s Centennial Park, despite the wet weather on the day. The CCSVI foundation has gone from a local to a national, non-profit organization … Continue reading

More Information on Global CCSVI Expo

Sandra, The president of the National CCSVI Society has given further information on the Global CCSVI Expo that is taking place on November 20th 2011. The CCSVI Society will be broadcasting live, through the internet, for 36 hours. There will … Continue reading

Collage of CCSVI News Reports

CCSVI, or Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency, a condition identified by Paolo Zamboni, is treated using an angioplasty like procedure that eases the suffering of multiple sclerosis patients. Since this video was made the Canadian federal government has agreed to … Continue reading