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Our CCSVI Medical Travel Package: Part 2

Even walking makes a difference

For a Balloon Angioplasty (with one balloon) the total CCSVI package price is US $ 9,500. The way the package is arranged, the only additional expenses are airfare for yourself and your companion, as well as hotel accommodation following discharge … Continue reading

Should I Treat my CCSVI? Dr Diana Video

Dr Diana Driscoll

This video features some feedback about the book The Driscoll Theory, and Dr. Diana addresses the question of CCSVI: To treat or not to treat. She notes you must be sure to check with your doctors if CCSVI treatment is … Continue reading

The CCSVI Facebook Page

Like word on flour

What’s been happening on our Facebook page? See who is talking about CCSVI.mx in this infographic:

MS Research Roundup

Group of healthcare professionals

MS Views and news reports that almost 12,000 neurologists and researchers met in New Orleans in April 2012 to present findings at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting. Over 500 scientific talks and display posters looked at research to … Continue reading