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Dr. Peter Stys on Progressive MS: Video

Doctor Checking Chart

At the MS Society, Alberta Division, Annual General Meeting on April 21, 2012, Dr. Peter Stys from the University of Calgary gave this talk detailing his research on progressive MS. Dr. Peter Stys is a Professor in the Department of … Continue reading

Balloon Angioplasty Proven to Help People with Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers have confirmed that balloon angioplasty is safe and could be an effective way to treat the venous abnormalities of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and relieve their symptoms. The findings contradict a common misconception about CCSVI treatment, and were … Continue reading

Kirsty Duncan on the Darker Side of Science

Here is part two of MP Kirsty Duncan’s speech on CCSVI. She shares personal accounts of her work as a student as well as her family’s experience of multiple sclerosis. Duncan’s cousin has multiple sclerosis so the politician immersed herself … Continue reading

Kirsty Duncan on ‘Willful Blindness’ on CCSVI: Video

Kirsty Duncan gives a speech at the Hubbard Foundation on CCSVI and the way in which the oportunities it could provide are being ignored by many healthcare professionals. Start watching the video seven minutes in to see Duncan’s speech begin: