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Speech on Personal Account of MS Diagnosis and CCSVI Treatment

In this moving talk Crystal Bruce speaks at a fundraiser for CCSVI Treatment. Crystal was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after experiencing a number of different symptoms and having a number of misdiagnoses. We have posted videos of Crystal before and … Continue reading

“Untangling CCSVI from MS: The Stories, the Science, and the Need for Action”

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) has been linked through several research studies to multiple sclerosis and other conditions. First observed in MS by Dr. Paolo Zamboni, CCSVI reduces blood flow through the brain and therefore exposes the brain to an … Continue reading

After 40 Years of MS, Canadian Man has CCSVI Treatment

Paul W. of Saskatchewan’s first MS symptons appeared at the age of 18, but he was not properly diagnosed until the age of 40, when increasingly severe attacks brought him to a neurologist who identified lesions in his brain. By … Continue reading

CCSVI Treatment at Angeles Health

“I couldn’t walk around, move my arms or hands, and my voice was getting weak and my eyesight was failing.” Canadian MS (secondary progressive) patient Mr. McGee had CCSVI treatment at Angeles Health. Watch this video to hear him talk … Continue reading