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What is CCSVI? Video

Below is a short video that explains what CCSVI is using animation. Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency is a venous condition that has been linked to multiple sclerosis by Professor Paolo Zamboni.

CCSVI Patient Education Video

Salvatore JA Sclafani, MD speaks here at the CCSVI Symposium that took place on July 15-17, 2011 in New York. He talks about how happy he is with the size and turnout of the 2011 Symposium compared to the previous … Continue reading

CCSVI Alliance Activities

The CCSVI Alliance was set up in 2010 by MS patients and caregivers who are interested in promoting this new treatment for MS. The Alliance’s founders are committed to promoting collaborations across medical disciplines to facilitate the research necessary to … Continue reading

CCSVI Treatment: Educate Yourself Video

Cheryl Lynn has had MS for 15 years and underwent CCSVI treatment three months ago. In this video she posted on YouTube Cheryl Lynn observes that many people with MS in the US and Europe have never even heard of … Continue reading