Super Fundraising for CCSVI Treatment

In Bowmanville, Ontario the local community is engaging in a massive fundraising effort to fund a resident’s multiple sclerosis treatment abroad.

“It’s very exciting. I’ve never had surgery before. I’m not scared, I’m more excited for it and anxious,” said MS patient Laura Scott. “I pray a lot that it will work and we’ll see something happen.”

Fundraising efforts

Ms. Scott was diagnosed with chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency, or CCSVI, in December 2010. This condition narrows the veins that drain de-oxygenated blood from the brain and central nervous system. CCSVI is linked with MS and the condition has been treated to alleviate many multiple sclerosis symptoms.

CCSVI treatment involves balloon angioplasty, which is performed to widen the blocked veins, and is not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan or even available privately in Canada.

“I’m hoping to be liberated to feel better and liberated that I have the choice to choose that health care option,” said Ms. Scott.

Ms. Scott has been incredibly proactive since her MS diagnosis in 2001. Her and her family established the MonSters fundraising team and have been attending the MS Walk annually. They have been the top fundraising team in Bowmanville every year and to date have raised over $60,000 for MS research.

The focus of the MonSters’ fundraising efforts this year is the $15,000 CCSVI treatment that Ms. Scott has planned on July 6 2011. A dinner fundraiser called Liberty 4 Laura will take place on Saturday June 11 from 6pm till 12.30 am at St. Joseph’s Church hall on Liberty Street in Bowmanville.. Tickets are $25.

To buy tickets or make a donation call 905-697-8251 or e-mail

Angeles hospital in Mexico offers high quality CCSVI treatment and has treated many Canadian patients with great success. To find out more you can attend a free, informative CCSVI treatment webinar or fill in the form on your right to speak to a representative directly.

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