Speech on Personal Account of MS Diagnosis and CCSVI Treatment

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Crystal has become much more active since CCSVI treatment

In this moving talk Crystal Bruce speaks at a fundraiser for CCSVI Treatment. Crystal was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after experiencing a number of different symptoms and having a number of misdiagnoses. We have posted videos of Crystal before and after CCSVI treatment before and were interested to learn more about her journey through MS and CCSVI.

Watch Crystal tell her story here:

There have been numerous studies that have linked incidences of CCSVI with multiple sclerosis. New research continues to emerge, like at the the International Society for NeuroVascular Disease conference in Orlando in February 2012, where experts on CCSVI and other venous problems such as Drs. Paolo Zamboni, Mark Haacke, Diana Driscoll, Dr. Mueller, Markl, Attariwala, Zavadinov, Mandato and Simka spoke.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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