Riding a Bike After CCSVI Treatment!


What a great result after CCSVI treatment! Canadian Crystal Bruce has multiple sclerosis and just over a year ago made this video of herself riding a bike, almost four months after her CCSVI procedure! Crystal said that before her treatment she needed a cane to walk due to balance problems. Watch the inspiring video here:

Angeles Health has treated over 350 MS patients using CCSVI treatment. All patients reported improvements in their MS symptoms and said they had a better quality of life after having the CCSVI procedure. Both a neurologist and a Stanford trained interventional cardiologist perform the CCSVI intervention, which is a simple balloon angioplasty that is carried out in the vein rather than the artery. We are unique as a CCSVI provider in that we keep our patients at the hospital for up to five days after treatment to ensure they are coping well after surgery and are problem free.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

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