Our CCSVI Medical Travel Package: Part 2

Even walking makes a difference For a Balloon Angioplasty (with one balloon) the total CCSVI package price is US $ 9,500. The way the package is arranged, the only additional expenses are airfare for yourself and your companion, as well as hotel accommodation following discharge from hospital (usually between 2-3 nights). The only other thing you need to think about is your recovery!


CCSVI Medical Travel Package

$9,500 CCSVI Medical Travel Package

The Hospital Angeles CCSVI Liberation medical travel package is all inclusive:

  • Doppler ultrasound
  • MRV
  • Venogram
  • Venoplasty – one balloon
  • All doctor, surgeon fees
  • All hospital costs – anesthesia, equipment, nursing care, etc.
  • Up to 5 night stay at Hospital Angeles Tijuana
  • Round-trip ground transportation to and from the hospital from the San Diego Airport or border
  • Full Medical Traveler Case Management support services including medical records retrieval, surgery booking and medical consult set-up
  • Free webinar for Q&A with the medical team (Participation in the webinar will also provide a $250 discount on the procedure)
  • Full travel concierge services for patients and travelling companions
  • Wireless internet access and video recording services for patients and families wishing to document the treatment experience
Angeles hospital in Tijuana

Angeles hospital in Tijuana

To speak to our case manager, who is also a registered nurse and very knowledgeable on this procedure, please contact us using the form on the right. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, whether you are inquiring for yourself, a loved one or just want to learn more about CCSVI treatment and medical tourism in Mexico.

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