MS Research in Alberta

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The Universities of Alberta and Calgary have been conducting innovative and cutting edge research on MS and CCSVI. Researchers have been examining how the disease develops, how damaged nerves can be improved, and how the nervous system can be repaired after enduring the devastating symptoms of MS.

The University of Alberta

The University of Alberta

In Alberta Dr. Chris Power has been looking at how infections can cause MS and Dr. Fabrizio Giuliani has been examining how nerve cells are damaged by immune cells. Dr. Bradley Kerr has been studying chronic pain in MS and Dr. Alan Wilman has been using advanced physics and MRI to make sense of the changes in an MS patient’s brain. In addition myelin damage in MS has been researched by Marek Michalak.

Calgary’s work has been equally pioneering with new member Dr. Jodie Burton investigating the role of vitamin D in MS. Dr. Ross Mitchell and Dr. Yunyan Zhang have been working on making MRI imaging clearer in MS, and Dr. Fiona Costello has been analyzing the incidences of CCSVI in people with MS.

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There is also a 3-year observational study of people with MS in Alberta, some of whom have had CCSVI treatment and some of whom have not. The study is called The Alberta Multiple Sclerosis Initiative (TAMSI) and was made possible by the Hon. Gene Zwozdesky, who is the Alberta Health and Wellness Minister. The project is being directed by Dr. Luanne Metz and CCSVI supporters will be keen to hear of any findings published once the study is complete.

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