MS Conference on CCSVI Treatment

The ‘Swan City’ Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada will host a conference on CCSVI treatment for multiple sclerosis on June 18 2011 and Canadians Dr. Joseph Hewett and Dr. Bill Code will be guest speakers there.


Dr. Code has MS himself and is author of several books on the subject such as ‘Winning the Pain Game’ and ‘Who’s in Control of your MS?’ His diagnosis significantly altered his perspective on medicine, going from a traditionally Western outlook to a more holistic one. He grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in Calgary.

Dr. Hewett studied at the University of Arizona but grew up in Carmen Manitoba. He has a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering. He will be giving private consultations before and after the conference and they will be free of charge.
The main aims of this conference are to help MS patients have a better quality of life and educate them on MS as well as CCSVI treatment. Anyone can attend whether they have MS or not and it is free of charge.

The conference will take place at the Holiday Inn and Suites at 9816-107 Street, Grande Prairie.

If anyone would like to book an appointment or ask any questions they should contact Debbie Golden, president of the CCSVI Society Grande Prairie and District, at 780-539-6983.

Angeles hospital

Angeles hospital in Mexico

Angeles Hospital International, Mexico’s leading hospital network, has treated many Canadian MS patients with tremendous success. For further information on our established CCSVI treatment program please contact a representative using the form on your right.

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