Montel Williams’ CCSVI Treatment: For Publicity?

Former talk show host Montel Williams is to have CCSVI treatment with stents towards the end of 2011. Williams was diagnosed with MS in 1999 and also set up the Montel Williams MS Foundation in 2000 to raise funds for the latest research on the condition. However some of his activities, such as opening a medicinal marijuana dispensary, appearing on infomercials for blenders and advertising cash pay-day advance loans, have led members of the MS community to doubt his sincerity and view the proposed CCSVI treatment as an ill-informed publicity stunt.

Montel Williams

Montel Williams

The marijuana dispensary in Sacramento is called the Abatin Wellness Cooperative and was previously run by Aundre Speciale, who is still on board. On June 13 it reopened but many vendors and contractors who had worked with Speciale and provided goods and services when the company had been called Capitol Wellness Collective were angry and frustrated. Some claimed that Speciale owed them money.

Mickey Martin owns the medical-cannabis consulting firm T-Comp in the Bay Area. He said Capitol Wellness owes him $20,000 and that Abatin is in violation of Sacramento’s ordinance, stating that any dispensary that shuts down for more than 30 days should have its permit revoked.

News review reported that Williams is to have CCSVI surgery in late 2011: ‘He explains that doctors will install stents in the veins along the neck that drain the central nervous system. He is optimistic, but conveys that recovery might be scary.’

The story was also posted on the CCSVI Locator website and people commented things such as ‘I think I smell a rat – there is nothing on his web sites regarding CCSVI just his products and Pot business.’ MSers questioned his knowledge of CCSVI, how he could already know he needs stenting and speculated he may be announcing his treatment to bring attention to his business ventures.

Angeles hospital in Tijuana, Mexico offers CCSVI treatment

Angeles hospital in Tijuana, Mexico offers CCSVI treatment

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5 Responses to Montel Williams’ CCSVI Treatment: For Publicity?

  1. L.A. Eskesen says:

    Why is this article more than ready to attack mr.Williams, he has brought awareness to this debilitating disease., yes he pushed the value of nutritional balance for ms sufferers while making a buck in doing so. This is a disgustingly expensive disorder, the unproven treatments currently used, dangerous injections that can cost thousands a month. Yes by all means let’s demonize the man who has done his research and knows his only chance at a life again is going to cost, and cost a lot…let’s also demoralize the man because he has decided to help other sufferers with an all natural patient proven medication, that just happens to be shunned by an ill-informed public, who with the help of publications like this believe the multibillion

  2. L.A. Eskesen says:

    Believe the multibillion dollar big pharma. has ms sufferers best interests at heart. When the test for ccsvi and the following procedure that results in curing 80% of patients from most ms symptoms costs less than a couple months of shooting dangerous poisons, that may slow the progress of 30%, but must be injected daily or weekly with the giant needle, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE…
    The word is getting out there and we will not be silent.
    Our lives have been stolen and we will have them returned…

    • CCSVI Mexico says:

      Hi L. A. Eskesen,

      Thanks you for your comment. We were in no way trying to attack Mr. Williams or undermine all his efforts in seeking a cure for MS, nor are we supportive of big pharmaceutical companies that try to suppress more cost-effective and efficient treatment methods and promote expensive drugs.

      We are very supportive of Mr. Williams in seeking CCSVI treatment and wish him all the best.

      This article was a response to an article posted on the CCSVI Locator website and the comments that appeared on it. If you do take a look at the article look at the earlier comments and you will see a quite surprising response to Mr. Williams’ story, with quite a few people posting negative comments.

      I hope this clears things up.

      All the best,

  3. Jenny says:

    So did montell get his procedure done in mexico?

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