How long do the results of the liberation therapy last?

CCSVI procedures create lasting improvements for MS patients but some individuals feel they want to go back for extra surgery. Angeles Health International is making continued improvements to its liberation therapy program and this has caused a decrease in patients requesting additional procedures.

CCSVI, or Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency, is diagnosed using a list of five possible criteria. One of these is stenosis, or narrowing of the veins. Through venoplasty, which is like balloon angioplasty except in the veins instead of the arteries, the veins are stretched back to their normal size. All patients having the procedure at the Angeles hospital in Tijuana have positive results afterwards, in that their MS symptoms are reduced.

During a recent webcast Dr. Janis Gruska observed that patients treated for CCSVI at Angeles hospital were reporting progressively less restenosis, or re-narrowing of the veins. She attributed this to the fact that as doctors carried out more and more procedures, they learnt more about how best to prevent restenosis.

News channel CTV spoke to five Canadians a year after they had had the liberation therapy. All saw improvements shortly after their procedure and still felt better a year later.Lianne Webb had experienced extreme fatigue but after her procedure she went horse riding and played golf, and continued to do so a year on. Matt Maltese and Steve Garvie also continued to experience increased energy, coordination and strength. Sandra Black’s results were less obvious although she said her fatigue had gone, even a year after treatment. Mike Gandhi said his mind felt clearer although he had an additional procedure due to restenosis. So although all patients reported continued improvements the extent of these varied.

If you or someone you know is suffering from MS then get in touch with the Angeles Heath International team using the form on your right to discuss the Liberation Procedure.

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