Great online resources for MS patients

Angeles Health International runs regular webinars on CCSVI where MS patients can learn more about the liberation therapy and ask questions of the doctors who perform the procedure. As well as explaining what CCSVI is, which most listeners already know, they also describe the CCSVI process and facilities at Angeles hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, and give some valuable online resources.

Some of the resources mentioned include the ‘CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis’ Facebook page, CCSVI Locator, CBC News and the National MS Society webinars. You can register for the next CCSVI webinar here.

MS patients tend to have a wealth of knowledge on their condition and available treatments, so reading their online blogs is also a great way of staying up to date on all the latest MS news. Amy Gurowitz has created the MS LOL Multiple Sclerosis a Life of Learning blog. She hosts online radio shows on important MS topics. Amy suffers from MS herself and is incredibly optimistic and lighthearted in her approach. In addition to MS LOL Amy has created the MS Softserve website, a new resource that helps you navigate the online world of MS education. You can create your own URL with your particular symptoms on it and customize your online learning experience. The site is a work in progress but incredibly important as searching the internet for relevant MS information can be very confusing and frustrating at times.

Other interesting blogs are the Wheelchair Kamikaze and
Brass and Ivory whose founders have been guests on Amy Gurowitz’s MS radio show. The latter website has a page called Carnival of MS Bloggers which brings together MS bloggers and highlights some of the best MS blog posts published.
MS Views and News is also extremely useful, especially for staying up to date on all the latest information on MS.

If you are interested in learning more about the CCSVI MS treatment at a leading hospital in Mexico please contact us using the form on your right.

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