Getting Treated for Multiple Sclerosis

“The CCSVI team are incredibly proud of the improvements made to patients who have undergone treatment.”

See below for an image that explains the CCSVI treatment at Angeles Health International, Mexico’s largest private hospital network. To discover how the CCSVI treatment can be applied to you today, contact our team of healthcare advisors via the green form on the right hand side of this page.

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Am I a Candidate for the Liberation Method?

To qualify as a patient for CCSVI treatment at Angeles Health, you should have:

  • Present a diagnosis of MS – a letter from a treating neurologist or other existing documentation from the time of the diagnosis.
  • Provide results from recent (< 30 days) Doppler sonogram and MRI. These tests can be taken at Hospital Angeles Tijuana when you arrive if needed.
  • Have a minimum of  50% blockage*

*If the blockage detected is less than 50%, the Angeles Medical team will review the blockage in combination with the percentage flow, reflux, and flow disturbance to determine eligibility.

MRV & Doppler Sonogram can be performed at Hospital Angeles Tijuana upon arrival.

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The Angeles medical team, Dr. Morales and Dr. Luna, team follow the Liberation protocol in combination with drawing on their vascular procedures to treat MS patients diagnosed with CCSVI. The procedure is performed by inserting a catheter into the access site – the femoral vein, above the right hip. Once advanced to the affected vein, the balloon tip is inflated, creating pressure on the vein and causing it to dilate, resulting in improved blood flow.

In select cases, there is indication that the vein will not remain open, and in these cases the ‘balloon with stent’ protocol is used, to avoid restenosis and the need for a repeat balloon angioplasty. In these cases, the Medical team has selected to use self-expanding metal alloy stents. Once inserted these stents, made of nickel and titanium, the heat from the interaction of the body causes radial expansion. This unique design greatly reduces the probability of stent movement.

5 Responses to Getting Treated for Multiple Sclerosis

  1. sandy lauria says:

    HI Mago,
    We have scheduled/treated close to 350 patients with almost 100% success rate!
    Please call me and I can go over the deails with you!
    Warm regards!
    Sandy Lauria RN,BSN,CLNC
    Senior Case Manager/RN Coordinator
    Angeles Health International

  2. David McCurdy says:

    Is this an almost cure for M S ? I have had symptoms for 2 years with no med no Insurance

  3. Daniel Webster says:

    How long does this treatment last, and how often do you have to go back to have it done?

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