Free CCSVI Webinar

Presented by Dr Luna Standford trained Cardiologist of Angeles Health International

Why should I attend?

  • Learn about the diagnosis and protocol used for CCSVI treatment.
  • Meet first hand the medical team that would manage your care.
  • Ask experts your questions about the CCSVI procedure.
  • Learn without obligation, but if you choose to go ahead with the procedure, get $250 off your medical package by attending!

Upcoming Webinars: Diagnosis & Treatment of CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis Patients, with Dr Luna

Patients will work with board certified physicians in the subspecialties  of neuro-intervention, Dr. Daniel Morales, and interventional cardiology with Stanford-trained cardiologist Dr. Jorge Luna.

10 Responses to Free CCSVI Webinar

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  3. Brad Daniels says:

    Please include me in up coming Webinars, very instrested.

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  7. adrianna adame says:

    Very intersted!

  8. kathleen beachy says:

    i had my vein opened in oct and i still have no results. How long can this take

    • CCSVI Mexico says:

      Dear Kathleen Beachy,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      All information in regards to CCSVI treatments can be provided by an official case manager by filling out an inquiry form on:

      Alternatively you can call our team on:


      Your response will then be forwarded on to the appropriate case manager who will then provide you with the information you are seeking.

      Warm regards,


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