Dr. Teri Jaklin on her own CCSVI Treatment

Dr. Teri Jaklin CCSVI

Dr. Teri Jaklin

Dr. Teri Jaklin is a naturopathic doctor who spoke at a public information session on MS and CCSVI towards the end of 2011. She has MS herself and had CCSVI treatment in October 2010 with encouraging results. In this video Jaklin discusses with the audience her experience of recovery, inflammation in multiple sclerosis and nutritional and lifestyle changes that can reduce such inflammation. Her primary focus is on MS patients taking control of their own health, a positive and proactive approach.

Dr Teri Jaklin ND – JVH (CCSVI) Her experience with MS, CCSVI treatment and what you can do now to control this disease from Mike Cauterman on Vimeo.

CCSVI treatment is available at Angeles Health in Tijuana, Mexico. The modern facility is part of Mexico’s largest private hospital network. For more information please contact us using the form on the right.

Angeles hospital in Mexico

Angeles hospital in Mexico

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