CCSVI protocols and Stem Cell treatment work together to beat MS

bone marrowAngeles Health is the largest chain of hospitals in Mexico. We have over 20 hospitals throughout the country and treat both domestic patients and medical tourists. Because we are such a big network we provide outstanding care in a range of specialized areas, including the breakthrough CCSVI liberation method and Stem Cell treatments for a range of conditions, including COPD, Chronic Heart Failure, Stroke and MS.

Whilst our patient testimonials should be enough to show you the life-changing success of the liberation method on most patients with treatable CCSVI,  we are able to combine the liberation method, which opens the blocked veins allowing normal blood flow to return to the brain, with Stem Cell Treatment.

Stem cells are ‘blank’ cells with the potential to turn into almost any cell in any part of the body. Their role is to maintain and repair our bodies. Whilst stem cells are created in the bone marrow, they are also found elsewhere in the body, including in adipose tissue (or fat). Our bone marrow has the ability to sense when a part of our body is damaged and release extra stem cells to try to fix it. The cells then go to the damaged site and do their best to repair the tissue. Often, when our body is subject to extreme trauma, such as a heart attack, bone damage or nerve damage, we can’t produce enough cells to fix the damage. This is where stem cell treatment steps in; we usually use a patient’s own stem cells and flood the body with them, giving a patient their own cells and the ability to heal themselves.

Combining the Liberation Method with Stem Cell Treatment means that the stem cell treatment can repair any damage that has been caused by iron deposits within the brain, whilst the liberation method releases the pressure on the brain and prevents further build-up of iron.  In short, the liberation treatment treats the cause while the stem cell treatment treats the effects.

The Stem Cell Procedure

We harvest your own adult stem cells via micro-liposuction, extracting around 30 cc of fat from your stomach. From this small amount of fat we can get up to 200 million stem cells. Once the cells have been separated we reintroduce them back into your body, either by IV drip or a catheter. As soon as they go back into the body the stem cells start working, repairing the damage caused by the CCSVI, or MS, fixing the damaged nerves.

The CCSVI Procedure

The CCSVI liberation process is another simple procedure where the surgeons insert a balloon into the narrowed vein, then inflate it, opening up the vein as it gets bigger. If the doctors feel that the vein won’t stay open by itself then they may insert a stent to keep the vein open, allowing blood to flow freely and preventing further build-up of iron within the brain and spinal cord.

If you would like to know more about stem cell treatment then visit the Stem Cell Mexico website. For more information about either treatment and how they can change your life contact one of our specialist US based nurses who will be able to talk to you about the packages available to treat your MS.

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