CCSVI Activist had Successful Treatment in Mexico

A Canadian police officer who suffers from multiple sclerosis has joined her country’s efforts to introduce CCSVI treatment after having the procedure performed successfully in Mexico.

Krysteen Fitzgerald with Tim Donovan, Warren Stefanuk and Kirsty Duncan

Krysteen Fitzgerald with Tim Donovan, Warren Stefanuk and Kirsty Duncan

Krysteen Fitzgerald is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer from Leduc, Alberta who took an increasingly common action by choosing to go abroad for CCSVI treatment.

At the end of 2010 Fitzgerald travelled to Mexico to have the relatively new procedure. She was only diagnosed in 2008 but quickly developed symptoms that were to include numbness, decreased energy and sometimes even paralysis. Since having CCSVI treatment Fitzgerald has seen a dramatic improvement in her health. She has started working again and leads a very active lifestyle.

Having seen the benefits of CCSVI treatment firsthand Fitzgerald has joined CCSVI Alberta, an advocacy group that works to push through CCSVI becoming readily available in Canada, which at present it is not.

“I help them out whenever they need me,” Fitzgerald said about her work at CCSVI Alberta. “I’ve met politicians on their behalf, given speeches, met people. Lots of very political stuff.”

Krysteen has been on television and has given several talks on her successful treatment. One talk was in August 2011 at Grant MacEwan University which Etobicoke North MP Kirsty Duncan attended. Duncan is an avid supporter of CCSVI treatment and she works tirelessly on supporting people with MS, perhaps because a close family member also suffers from the condition.

The Canadian federal government’s decision to approve clinical trials of CCSVI treatment made Krysteen very happy, although she thinks it is taking too long to be put into practice.

She was also part of a local MS support group which ended due to lack of interest. So if anyone in the Leduc, Alberta area is interested Krysteen would like you to get in touch on (780) 236-9797.

Angeles hospital, Tijuana

Angeles hospital, Tijuana

Krysteen had her successful CCSVI treatment in Mexico. Angeles hospital In Tijuana has treated many Canadian patients very effectively for CCSVI and multiple sclerosis symptoms. To find out more please contact us using the form on the right.

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