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CCSVI Patient on MS Symptoms Post-Op

53 year-old Paul Weichel’s MS symptoms first appeared at the age of 18, although he did not receive a proper diagnosis until the age of 40. In this video Paul and his wife discuss their positive experiences of Angeles Health … Continue reading

A Positive Experience of CCSVI Treatment

Paul Weichel was 53 when he went ahead with CCSVI treatment. His MS symptoms first appeared when he was 18, although he was not correctly diagnosed until the age of 40, something that is unfortunately quite common amongst people with … Continue reading

Patient Recommends CCSVI Treatment to Others

CCSVI patient Jan from Nova Scotia speaks about her MS symptoms and diagnosis shortly after undergoing liberation treatment at Angeles hospital in Mexico. With excellent results Jan urged others with MS to consider CCSVI treatment: “I know the procedure is … Continue reading

CCSVI Patient Reports Improved Walking

Mr. McGee gives an interview after undergoing CCSVI treatment. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1982. Prior to CCSVI treatment Mr. McGee could not walk and could hardly move his arms or hands. He had a weak voice and … Continue reading