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MS Symptoms

MS is a complicated illness and it has many different symptoms. The majority of people won’t experience all MS symptoms, and definitely not at the same time. There are also other diseases with symptoms that are very similar to MS … Continue reading

What is CCSVI? Video

Below is a short video that explains what CCSVI is using animation. Chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency is a venous condition that has been linked to multiple sclerosis by Professor Paolo Zamboni.

Post-CCSVI Intervention Follow-Up

At Angeles hospital we use a tracking system to record our patients’ results and find out how having CCSVI treatment improves their multiple sclerosis symptoms. Angeles hospital follows all CCSVI patients for two years post-venoplasty intervention according to the following … Continue reading

Cost of CCSVI Treatment in Mexico

The cost of the CCSVI Medical Travel Package at Angeles hospital in Tijuana is $9,500. It is all inclusive and includes the following services: Doppler ultrasound MRV Venogram Venoplasty All doctor and surgeon fees All hospital costs – anesthesia, equipment, … Continue reading