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What is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic progressive disease of the Central Nervous System (CNS), affecting the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. MS can often result in disability, although the extent to which it progresses and its severity depends on the … Continue reading

Why should I have my CCSVI treatment with Angeles Health?

Choosing the right location to have a potentially life changing procedure is tough. With the surge in CCSVI research and people having CCSVI treatment to successfully alleviate the symptoms of MS and its progression, there are new clinics being opened … Continue reading

What does it feel like to have MS? Video Part 1

A video by Positive About MS that was made with the help of other MSers explaining to non-MSers what it is like to have multiple sclerosis. The aim of this video is to help people who do not have MS … Continue reading

MS Symptoms Part 2

This list continues on from part one of MS Symptoms Cognitive issues are also on the list of MS symptoms. These problems with memory and thinking can affect people with MS, but the majority of people will only be affected … Continue reading