Canada approves $6million CCSVI Research

canada approves CCSVI researchFollowing the publishing earlier this year of government emails urging for further research into the safety and effectiveness of CCSVI treatment to treat MS , the Canadian Government have approved a large scale investigation into CCSVI treatment, meaning that it could finally be recognized as the most effective approach to treating people with Multiple Sclerosis.

On Friday 28th September the Canadian Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq announced that the $6 million trial would take place across four treatment centers in three provinces. The announcement comes three years after Dr. Zamboni’s research showed that CCSVI was a probable cause of many cases of MS, and two and a half years after the Canadian Institute of Health Research and Canada’s MS Society said they would make hast to research CCSVI together. Since then, many other studies have shown how safe and effective CCSVI is and many patients have been treated successfully in private institutes, such as CCSVI Mexico, with amazing results.

The recruitment of MS sufferers will start in Montreal and Vancouver next month, with Winnipeg and Quebec City participants to follow when the centers involved clear their ethical review boards. The patients will be randomly split into two groups, half of whom will receive CCSVI Liberation treatment with the other half receiving a fake procedure. In a year the patients will swap, with those initially receiving CCSVI treatment undergoing the placebo procedure, and vice versa. In this way all participating patients will be able to receive Dr Zamboni’s liberation procedure and the results of both the genuine and fake treatments can be monitored for effectiveness.

Although many people will be disappointed by the delay in this research taking place, this is a positive step in the journey to prove that CCSVI is an effective, drug free treatment for MS.

We know that CCSVI treatment can alleviate the symptoms of MS and prevent it from progressing further.  Many patients from the US and Canada come to us every year because they are confident that we offer the safest and most effective treatment for this previously untreatable disease. Whilst the results of the treatment vary according to the individual and the progression of the disease, the benefits of this process are life-changing for people with MS.

If you would like the opportunity to talk to a doctor about the treatment that we provide for people with MS then contact us by filling in the form to the right of this screen.

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